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Musical Group Operating Out Of New Orleans, LA

After a night filled with excitement and awe just when you thought your bourbon street nightlife adventure was over, bam, the violin duo crank up the volume and start the real party. From Bourbon Street to Jackson Square, all up and down royal, the sounds of soothing orginality fill the streets drawing and engaging any listener. 
Pirate Song

Wael Elhalaby

Wael began playing violin at the age of 10. After years of performing in the classical realm he came across a new genre of music, classical improv. After mastering this form of music in college he took this to the streets of New Orleans.
United States

Anna Roznowska

Beginning at the age of 6, she excelled immensely at the art of performing music, to such a degree that on rare occasions even her violins could not keep up with her. Anna has destroyed more violins than even she can remember, the number of which is continuesly increasing every year.

Mia Elhalaby

Although very young, with very similar appearances to her father, its her mother she gets her personality from. She destroyed her first violin sometime ago, thus creating the unaniomous decision of getting her first drum set. 
Poland/United States


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We offer live performance for all types of events. 
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Waiting On The Spot


Chapter One


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